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We help our clients improve environmental and social resiliency by developing innovative, sustainable, data-informed, action-oriented solutions to difficult organizational, programmatic, and partnership challenges. We draw on our team’s diverse experience with leading business theory, operational expertise, and social and natural science approaches to increase organizational impact and efficacy.

Service Areas

  • Strategic and Business Planning

    Strategic and Business Planning

  • Strategic and Business Planning

    Strategic and Business Planning

    An effective organization, government program, or initiative needs vision, resources, and the capacity to act. We help our clients build strategies and implementation plans that align organizational objectives, market realities, and available resources.

    • Perform competitive market analyses
    • Develop feasibility and needs assessments
    • Conduct systems and landscape assessments
    • Build integration schemes for multi-sector, bilateral, and multilateral initiatives
    • Develop financial forecasting models and budgets
    • Execute political and demographic trend analyses, including power mapping
    • Design and facilitate strategic planning meetings and retreats
    • Develop comprehensive strategic plans
    • Design programmatic and sector exit strategies
    • Develop and improve climate change adaptation and mitigation programs
    • Build sustainable fisheries and protected areas plans
    • Develop partnership and joint venture strategies and agreements
    • Build innovation pipelines within organizations and help future proof programs
    • Conduct organizational and cultural equity assessments—e.g., staff surveys, 360 reviews, self-assessments
    • Develop diversity, equity, and inclusion policies, protocols, and toolkits
  • Organizational Design, Governance, and Institutional Arrangements

    Organizational Design, Governance, and Institutional Arrangements

  • Organizational Design, Governance, and Institutional Arrangements

    Organizational Design, Governance, and Institutional Arrangements

    Highly functional organizations need effective organizational designs, systems, and policies. We help our clients research, design, and implement organizational models that maximize utilization, efficiency, and impact.

    • Assess feasibility and alignment of organizational structures and institutional arrangements
    • Design governance structures, policies, and organizational frameworks
    • Develop operational plans to facilitate growth, enhance capacity, and prioritize needs
    • Conduct analysis and develop tools to support information and data-based decision-making
    • Facilitate executive and board transitions
    • Assess and improve performance and workflow
    • Create and implement human capital management tools, processes, and systems
    • Support organizational recruiting, training, and professional development
    • Facilitate mergers and organizational restructuring, including for-profit, nonprofit, and hybrid structures
    • Connect information from diverse sources and distill lessons learned to identify opportunities, needs, and generate solutions
  • MEL

    Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning


    Organizations must continue to learn and evolve to create lasting success. We design and execute monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) frameworks to build organizational cultures of continuous improvement and evaluate programmatic impact.

    • Develop frameworks, plans, and tools to assess and measure contribution, causality, and success/impact
    • Design MEL costing plans from local to global scales
    • Develop SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) metrics
    • Collect baseline and routine monitoring data
    • Coordinate learning sessions for staff, funders, and partners on progress, best practices, and lessons learned
    • Design methods for improving performance and enhancing success through adaptive management
    • Define and assess economic, social, and environmental return on investment
    • Conduct developmental, formative, real-time, and summative evaluations of organizations, portfolios, programs, and projects
  • Funding, Long-Term Financing, and Economic Analysis

    Funding, Long-Term Financing, and Economic Analysis

  • Funding, Long-Term Financing, and Economic Analysis

    Funding, Long-Term Financing, and Economic Analysis

    Organizations need diversified and scalable funding to achieve long-term goals and build resiliency against dynamic markets. We evaluate and develop sustainable funding models for varied organizations and goals.

    • Identify legacy and innovative funding sources
    • Design sustainable financing mechanisms
    • Conduct feasibility analyses of alternative revenue streams
    • Design philanthropic fundraising strategies
    • Formulate concept and cultivation strategies to connect with donors and funding streams
    • Provide training and technical assistance to enhance funding and financing strategies
    • Design institutional arrangements, effective governance models, and operational controls to maximize utilization of funding
    • Conduct natural resource and ecosystem service valuations
    • Assess program costing, willingness to pay, and financial feasibility
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Communications

    Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Communications

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Communications

    Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Communications

    To create lasting impact, leaders in government, academic institutions, nonprofits, and businesses provide forums for decision-makers and stakeholders to provide input and seek influence. We use subject matter expertise, experience in change management, and facilitation skills to help build trust and lasting partnerships.

    • Develop strategies to build buy-in and foster productive relationships
    • Facilitate and design meetings
    • Elicit and clarify stakeholder priorities
    • Reach out to unengaged stakeholder groups
    • Support partner identification and recruitment
    • Build consensus, including conducting stakeholder situational analyses and developing consensus documents
    • Support joint fact-finding processes
    • Develop public-private partnerships
    • Support federal and state partnership programs
    • Design branding and strategic communications materials
    • Develop communications plans that are tailored to meet goals and internal capacities
    • Draft and create outreach materials and marketing collateral that reflect branding voice and visual style
    • Provide logistical outreach support and website and social media management
    • Synthesize and translate complex information to meet plain English requirements
    • Bridge gaps between scientists and consumers of science to improve science-based decision-making
    • Draft and execute integrated print and digital marketing campaigns, outreach materials, and social media strategies
  • Intermediary Services

    Intermediary Services

  • Intermediary Services

    Intermediary Services

    To scale great ideas, we work with diverse parties to build organizations, facilitate transactions, and bridge resource gaps. We bring concepts and strategies to life by building systems to support pilot programs, bring organizations to scale, and support indefinite-duration projects. We help evaluate and identify the best practices from government, nonprofits, academia, and business to create effective organizations that are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow and today.

    • Design and manage RFP processes
    • Conduct due diligence and manage peer and committee review
    • Develop capacity building initiatives and provide technical assistance
    • Facilitate public-private partnerships
    • Conduct ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and learning of grant programs
    • Provide technical capacity and organizational support to nonprofit and foundation startups
    • Build operational and legal frameworks
    • Conduct research, identify, and distill key standards for success

Topical Expertise

  1. Area-Based Management
  2. Sustainable Fisheries
  3. Climate Resilience
  4. Environmental and Climate Justice
  5. Ecosystem Markets & Valuation
  6. Adaptive Management
  7. Science Integration
  8. Community-Based Solutions

Our team develops processes and tools to better prepare communities and regions to withstand the effects of natural and human-made disasters. We collaboratively develop approaches to community resilience that are feasible, defensible, welcomed, and applicable to unique community challenges.

Geographic Expertise

We work in many places around the world, with expertise designing solutions for clients in California, the U.S. West and East Coasts, South America, South Asia and the Pacific, Mexico, and the wider Caribbean.

Our Clients

We work with a variety of clients in public, private, and social sectors, including the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, The Nature Conservancy, Inter-American Development Bank, Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund, and University of West Indies, Mona.