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As ERG’s West Coast office, the Blue Earth Team includes policy, climate, planning, and research specialists with experience developing science-based sustainable and resilient solutions to complex social and environmental issues. We provide a range of consulting services designed to improve urban and natural resource management, climate resilience, and sustainable practices around the world’s urban communities, natural systems, coastal areas, and aquatic ecosystems. We help our clients design and assess frameworks, plans, and programs that help build capacity to address climate adaptation, mitigation, and resilience challenges and create sustainable visions and practices that they can implement and adapt over time.

Our Values

  1. Integrity
  2. Partnership
  3. Excellence
  4. Equity
  5. Sustainability
  6. Creativity

We bring a creative and inquisitive approach to all phases of our work. Leading with creativity and curiosity allows us to better respond to every project’s objectives and priorities and ensure they build on opportunities and innovative approaches.

Our ERG Group Team

Our Blue Earth Team works closely with the other 450+ talented staff across the ERG Group. The ERG Group is large enough to be a full-service consulting firm with expertise across a range of areas, while small enough to allow us work closely and regularly together. This breadth of experience, combined with close collaboration, allows us to support projects with scientists, policy, engineers, climate specialists, planners, researchers, and communication and design specialists.

What Our Clients Say

Blue Earth Consultants conducted a robust, in-depth review of country-scale fisheries governance and policy to help Oceana scope new opportunities. This work was performed on a highly ambitious timeline, and Blue Earth produced information that was extremely thorough and valuable to inform Oceana’s future efforts.

Andy Sharpless


Blue Earth Consultants’ mid-term evaluation of our Belize marine program was comprehensive and insightful. Their methodology was efficient and thoughtful, and the report provided was readable and concise. The lessons learned and forward-thinking recommendations gave us an objective critique and new ideas to build upon our success and further focus the strategy and objectives of our conservation efforts in Belize.

Caleb McClennen

Wildlife Conservation Society

Blue Earth successfully guided us through a strategic review of our programs. We were delighted with the product and their responsiveness to our input. They managed the project in a timely and thoughtful way. Thank you!

J. Charles Fox

Oceans 5

Blue Earth Consultants has supported us on a number of projects. Their work is always the highest quality, timely, and professional. Their team is knowledgeable about the issue we work in and have worked hard to support us.

Sara Lowell

Marisla Foundation

Blue Earth Consultants has been an integral partner to Resources Legacy Fund Foundation in its support of marine protected area network implementation in California. Specifically, they have played strong role in advancing implementation by facilitating the coordination and planning of California’s natural resource agencies. Blue Earth has significantly improved collaboration across agencies and has helped to map out a plan and prioritize for the next five years.

Michael Mantell

Resources Legacy Fund

Blue Earth’s support on the Capacity-building for California Marine Protected Area (MPA) Collaboratives and the Small Grants Program administration and technical assistance really helped to move the bar for the Collaboratives’ abilities to handle bigger projects and larger sums of money. The facilitation support to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the MPA Statewide Leadership Team and MPA Collaborative Network was critical to solidify and institutionalize our partnership and approach to effective MPA stewardship. We really appreciate Blue Earth’s professionalism and incredible project management and product development skills, but also their ability seek agreement from all the partners on the MOU, and support Collaboratives to achieve meaningful outcomes – it is no easy task! We are looking forward to continued partnership and many more successful projects to come.

Tova Handelman

California Ocean Protection Council

Blue Earth Consultants has been working with the Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund for the last few years. They started working with us even before we became fully operational. They helped us develop all the necessary foundational documents, including our Strategic Plan and Sustainable Financing Plan. All these foundational and operational plans are standing in good stead for us as we partner with other conservation organizations and donors.

Vasantha Chase

Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund

Work With Us

Nonprofits, communities, and businesses can take advantage of our highly-competitive rates. Government clients can access our services through our parent company’s wide variety of GSA schedules.

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